Does your living room feel empty?

  There are times where we feel that there is something missing in our life's yet when asked to pin point it down, we are unable to do so.   Such feelings can also occur when it comes to your home furninishing too. Below is an article for you that should help in answering the question you have not been able to answer for some … [Read More...]

Pre-Renovation prepartion tips for you

  Going to renovate your home soon? One of the main problem with renewing your home design is the amount of work it takes to pack up your stuff so that it does not get dirtied or damaged during the renovation process. The following article from houzz will help you in getting through this phase a little easier.   When you’re … [Read More...]

Lovely kitchen remodelling

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Recent happenings:

Just recently, a house that i am investing in Singapore got broke into. Needless to say this is pretty upsetting. I am lucky that since no one is home, there is no injuries but only material lost.

This made me discover how important a lock can be. Having always focus on designing, i realize now that home security is as important as home design. Thanks to the the Singapore locksmiths at that i manage to engaged after a search on Yahoo for his advice and a search on Consumer report here are some brands that i am considering changing to: