Door maintence in Singapore

My door was not closing properly lately and honestly it was quite a hassle. I realized i had to lift the door up slightly at the handle just to be able to push or pull it and the main door really isn’t light!

Among all my household items the door is something which i never thought would require maintenence and i was lucky the door repair company i engaged had shared the following link with me.

To sum it up the technician told me that all we have to do is apply a thin coat of oil on the hinge to prevent rust and everything else is easier to do.

The main door of your home is much more important than you can imagine. It protects your home and acts as a shield for the privacy of your home. Unlike room doors, the main door is also fire rated ie: it takes time for a fire to burn into your home or spread out of it so as to minimise the damages in the event of a fire. Thus it is heavier and costlier. As such the main supporting equipment: the door hinges, plays a crucial part in the daily usage of your door.