Ikea to stop selling blinds that are “dangerous” for kids

In case you do not know or have not notice, window blinds can be quite a hazard for kids. With the cords dangling down, enticing the kids quite so innocently, we have probably heard of how a few accidents have occured.

Ikea has followed on the recent trend of large company pulling off such blinds off the market. Basically you can expect to find blinds with no cords or those that are in accessable for kids in Ikea in the future.

Now for those of you whom have kids at home and are reading this, you can always make an alteration to your window blind cords. While yes, after the alteration, the look of the blind may not look as nice as before but it would still be worth it if you can avoid any harm to your kids.

For blinds with string cord, this the easiest of all cords to alterate. Using a sharp siccors, cut off the unwanted area of the cord and retie them back after the adjustment. A lighter would help nicely in burning off the stray strings after the alteration.

Those with wooden window blind stick are the one that are harder. I would suggest you use something tough like a pruning sissors to do the alteration. Afterwhich, you would be left with a ugly stick. What you have to do is to than make use of wood putty which you can find at most hard ware store (just inform them you are looking for wood putty and find something as similar in color as possible). After which slowly try and even out the area you have altered.

With this i hope you can make your home a safer place for you and your kids.